Below are the items you can purchase to help our global and local missions. By purchasing any one of these items you are helping give people resources for sustainability, education or discipleship. You can also give a greatest need donation below or choose your own amount by visiting



Did you know that when you send $10 to a developing country, God multiplies it? Imagine the impact we could make for the Kingdom if every person gave $10. To most of us, giving $10 is not going to stretch our financial means because we are beyond blessed with the life and opportunities God has provided us. Most of us think nothing of spending $10 on coffee, or on those cute “can’t-live-without” items in the dollar aisle at Target. The value of $10, where we live, isn’t much. But in the areas that Church on the Ridge supports, $10 can have an overwhelming impact.   

  • In Cambodia, $10 provides a week of clean drinking water for one adult 

  • In Latvia, $10 can provide five nutritious meals for one exploited woman 

  • In Swaziland, $10 provides 40 days’ worth of bread to 1 child.

Prayerfully consider supporting missions in 2020. You can give a one time gift online at, or you can set up a re-occurring monthly offering.   

Church on the Ridge is a qualified 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. No goods and services are provided in exchange for donation of gifts. Please consult your tax adviser regarding specific questions about your deductions. If your company provides matching funds, your contribution may be able to be matched as this contribution supports compassion efforts locally and internationally.